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For nearly 20 years, Real Xposure has worked with all types of businesses worldwide to develop, implement and launch digital advertising campaigns. We have monitored, studied, experimented and conquered the various techniques that have come along in the digital marketing sphere. We provide paid search, SEO, social media, display and programmatic advertising services with text, image, video and native ads. We use a combination of targeting strategies such as geofencing, site and CRM retargeting, intent, keywords, location, dynamically optimized content and more to eliminate waste and improve performance. We invite you to join us and spring your business forward with our newest iteration of digital campaigns using artificial intelligence (AI), proven methodologies, expert analysts and strategies, monitoring and reporting tools, and the most ethical practices to acquire new customers for your business.


Eliminate the guesswork out of your marketing. Leverage the expertise, technologies, and power of Real Xposure and convert your unpredictable, inconsistent marketing into a highly scientific system that will transform your firm into a world-class organization. Our targeting techniques include Geofencing, Geoframing, Lookalike Audiences, Interest and Intent, Contextual and Keyword Search, and Third party Segments among other standard strategies. Whatever your marketing goals are, we can help you achieve them.




We offer a wide range of “Privacy Respected” digital marketing services to propel your business to the next level of performance and beyond.

A paid search campaign is one of the fastest methods available to an organization to get you ranked at the top of search engines. While most search firms take a hands-off approach to your website, we take pleasure in optimizing your website for the best results. We will turn your fledgling firm into a world-class performer beyond your expectation. We not only build campaigns, but we also take ownership of the web property, like websites or mobile apps to make recommendations or implement changes required to generate the maximum ROI.


Grow your business to its full potential with our data-driven, intelligent social media strategies. Experience the difference in performance with real Xposure. As with all our other services, we put the power of AI, data tools, and experts with marketing, creative, analytical, and scientific backgrounds to work for you. Our goal is to establish an exciting, rich, and delightful journey as you experience the highest ever ROI and ROA. No more boring campaigns that fail to deliver. Call for a free consultation


Besides creating and running your digital campaign, attention must be devoted to optimizing the campaign. This means one must ensure that the optimization rate is optimal and generating the expected return.


We know that marketing is more than just creating a great campaign; it's also about measuring the right metrics and taking appropriate action. That’s why Real Xposure start with an analysis of your current situation and close the cycle with monitoring and controlling digital campaigns to improve business growth and user engagement rates to generate the highest return on investment (ROI). Our data analysts use cutting-edge analytics tools that give them access to metrics like traffic volume, user behavior, click stream, conversion rates, and in-depth user analysis, among others. We can identify weaknesses within any given strategy while identifying opportunities where there may be potential improvements - giving us confidence and information to make the best decisions.


Connected TV (CTV) and Over-The-Top (OTT) media are rapidly replacing the old set-top linear systems in favor of streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Video, and Google TV among others. CTV and OTT are among the fastest-growing media types in the USA. Every serious marketer and advertiser must capitalize on the massive opportunities available for accurate targeting, branding, testing, measuring, and delivering outcomes.

Programmatic campaigns at Real Xposure are designed to extend your brand beyond the consideration and selection stage and begin at the starting point for many potential clients. Our campaigns run the gamut of the consumer buying process beginning at the awareness stage, using impactful, carefully crafted message appeals and AI to identify and select the most appropriate audience which will funnel through the system and become clients.

No more relying on the proverbial low-hanging fruit! Start incubating a reliable customer base and guarantee your business success.


While campaigns require a significant element of creativity, we are also committed to scientifically researching, creating, experimenting, implementing, monitoring, and modifying campaigns as we pursue optimal performance, user experience, and return on investment. We use the following process to achieve our goals.

Research & Strategize

Our team will learn about your goals, study your competitors & potential clients, generate insights about where and how to invest, and pull all of that data into a cohesive and effective campaign.

Creative Development

Our high-impact creative is designed to attract attention and deliver memorable messages that engage the target audience, persuading them to take the desired action.

Build & Boost

Our team will work to discover opportunities to grow your brand and clientele, develop an effective strategy that delivers performance, eliminate waste and transform your business into a star performer.

Audit & Improve

Next, we will review your campaign and all the corresponding elements including your website, and content, and identify areas for improvement. Once mapped out, our team will go to work on developing the next iteration of your campaign. At Real Xposure, we know that a campaign is not a static system that one can set and forget. Therefore, we commit to responding to the dynamic environment and requirements of your firm.


At Realxposure we build solutions that cater to a diverse range of Industry verticals.


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