Privacy Policy for Realxposure

Realxposure will only help you with your project goals. The copyrights and artworks related to your project will remain your property.

Realxposure will not re-use any of your artworks. They will neither be re-sold nor used for any other sites.

Realxposure assures that all the shared information remains confidential. This includes original artwork, contacts, notes, etc.

Your Privacy will be protected by Realxposure in all your interactions with us. The client email addresses are kept confidential and not shared with any other third parties. Realxposure sends e-mailers to only those clients who wish to receive them.

Realxposure sends out regular Newsletters for updates and events. Every order placed is followed by an e-mailer with the details of the order.

You can choose the Unsubscribe link from our e-mailer to stop receiving more e-mail communication from us.

Realxposure data security

The information that Realxposure collects online is completely safe. Realxposure has put in place proper checks to prevent unauthorized access to data, maintain its accuracy and ensure its correct use. Processes at all levels have been put in place to secure the information collected online.

Realxposure does not sell, share or rent any personal or financial information. It is ensured that your purchase online on Realxposure is completely safe.
For a purchase made through PayPal, you can refer to the PayPal Privacy Policy.

Information collected

Every product order/product request requires the Realxposure client to submit some personal information like e-mail address, information related to the order including source files, and client notes. This information is only used to complete the order.

This information is not disclosed to any third parties. Realxposure uses the e-mail address provided by the client to notify them about the status of the order. The e-mail address is kept completely confidential and not used for any other purpose.

We use secure aggregate information to improve the design of our website.

The individuals who visit a part of the website remain undisclosed to our designers when they are briefed about re-designing the website. Personal information shared with Realxposure is not used in ways other than described above. Please do complete the contact form for any further queries that you may have.