Retail& Ecommerce Business
As a custom retail software development company, Realxposure helps retailers by providing consistent and customer-centric shopping experience across all channels. Having a great experience in this industry, our developers know the pain points of your business and help you apply the right strategies to drive growth.
Retail Software Development
We offer full-service retail software development services for omnichannel infrastructure, personalized shopping carts, e-commerce platforms, and more for retailers, manufacturers, and consumer-goods companies.
POS Systems & Billing
We offer brick-and-mortar POS integrations built with automated invoicing, payment processing, and security features that work seamlessly with all payment forms, such as bank cards, checks, and mobile payments.
Supply Chain & Logistics Management
We incorporate supply chain & logistics management functionality to streamline transportation management, warehouse management, logistics, and reverse logistics operations across the board.
Enterprise E-Commerce Solutions
We provide end-to-end, customer-centric enterprise E-commerce solutions that increase customer engagement, seamless payment integration and provide advanced analytics for decision-making.
Data Analysis
We integrate suitable data analysis features to your retail business software that helps you make informed decisions based on rich analytics sourced from IT ecosystem and customer touchpoints.
Private Label Product Management
Our private label product management solutions provide you complete control over product pricing and services. We are capable of providing product quality control and supplier relationship management.
E-commerce Management Solution

Accelerate Multi-channel customer engagement with reliable E-commerce Management Solution

We specialize in developing custom eCommerce platforms to help businesses of all sizes with order management, CRM, shipping, retail analytics and reporting. It offers an increase in operational efficiency and productivity when the customer needs are best addressed. Our team helps simplify the entire process, right from inventory picking and packing orders, to responding to customer inquiries. Powered with advanced analytics, the system enables effective decision-making.

Product listing & research

Inventory management

Promotions & Advertisement management

Order processing

Vendor & Customer relationship management

Multiple marketplace integrations

Custom POS Solution

Integrate Multi-Channel Payments, Invoice Processing, and Inventory Management for Smoother Transactions

Realxposure provides custom development of all types of point of sales applications, including POS terminal app, dashboards and multi-level integrations. Our consulting-led approach helps improve the speed of sales, offer cash control and resolve potential inventory issues.
We understand the importance of data security and are well-versed with PCI compliance ensuring your data and customers are always protected. Our team helps streamline business processes while enabling multi-system integration with terminal applications and payment systems. It is across listed features;

Sales order tracking

External integration with Barcode Scanner & POS terminal

Return & Refund management

Inventory management

Customer loyalty management

Cashier management

AR-based Product Selection Solution

Revolutionize Immersive customer-product interaction in a Virtual Retail Environment

As an experienced retail software development company, Rishabh transforms modern-day retail experience with easily deployable AR solutions for businesses. Through blockchain-based data management, we automate distribution models and validation processes. An AR-based custom solution enables shoppers to try products at home in real-time and buy in confidence. It enhances the customer ‘s shopping experience leading to increased sales. We build required solutions with augmented reality for eCommerce businesses with features listed below;

Product Catalog& selection

Navigation & Direction

Shopping cart & payment integration

Full-size live product visualization

One-touch information

Social Media Sharing capabilities

Supply Chain Management Solution

Establish Effective Retail Supply Chain Management with Real-Time Visibility

Modern retail supply chains need an approach that tackles capacity constraints and margin pressure. With our custom retail software development, Rishabh extensively focuses on developing solutions that help streamline the entire supply chain management. We help organizations gain full control over order shipments & deliveries. With real-time tracking, improved fleet efficiency, precise mapping and routing, you can turn your retail supply chain into an integrated delivery network. A solution like this can manage and optimize tasks at every stage with accurate forecasting, order management & collaboration with vendors, all while meeting customer demands. Maximize your supply chain performance with features like;

Demand forecasting

Inventory management

Master data management

Order fulfilment

Supply chain insights & collaboration

Warehouse management

Multi-Vendor B2B and B2C Marketplace

Scalable Online Marketplace for Web or Mobile in Line with Your Business Goals and Target Users’ Expectations

At Realxposure, we believe selling online helps retailers & suppliers to establish a continuous relationship with their customers while providing a seamless buying experience from anywhere including web and mobile.
A custom B2B or B2C marketplace enables the selling of products across categories and multi-vendor interaction with seamless payment integrations. It helps address timely shipping solutions requirements and maintains positive customer support. It comprises regular and essential modules for B2C – shipping & taxation, seller commission management, reporting and for B2B – price listing, end-to-end quotation builder, logistics & warehouse management, vendor verification, sales agent information management, and more.

Seller microsite

Product catalog management

Sales analytics

Vendor listing

Logistics & warehouse management

Inventory management



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