Transportation & Logistics
Transportation management software aims at helping companies optimize business performance and increase revenue due to more efficient staff, vehicle, and order management.
Realxposure develops custom transportation management and logistics solutions with supply chain management, warehouse management, and route mapping capabilities.
Tired of Ineffective Transportation Management?
Realxposure’s team will help you reduce fleet operating and management costs, facilitate route planning, speed up deliveries, and streamline communication and data reporting with a custom transportation management solution.


Supply chain management
Supply chain management software helps ensure the swift and efficient delivery of goods. Such solutions open effective ways to implement supply chains, manage shipment and distribution of orders, and streamline logistics activities, and may also feature fleet management functionality.
Warehousing and distribution
The solutions we build provide insights into inventory management and storage facilities. They enable staff to manage inbound and outbound shipments and storage of supplies, optimize warehousing facilities, document and analyse inventory management performance. Software also integrates with warehouse management, enterprise resource planning, and other systems employed by the companies.
Freight forwarding optimization
Custom logistics solutions help automate shipment processes, eliminate the possibility of manual error, and ensure secure and cost-effective freight delivery operations. Software provides forwarding agents and managers with the range of tools for messaging and quoting, billing and invoicing, imaging and scanning.
Transportation management and delivery optimisation
Our custom logistics software simplifies your entire order lifecycle – from entry and fulfilment to inventory management, packing, shipping and tracking – with GPS navigation and mobile reporting capabilities. We’ll help you integrate transportation management systems and mobile apps to automate simple business processes, with reporting, controls, paperless workflows and intelligent scanning and identification features – plus real-time customer feedback upon delivery.
Telematics and connected vehicles
Telematics solutions built by Realxposure enable real-time data collection, so you can gather and analyse data from all your vehicles, using it to build an accurate picture of fleet efficiency. This allows you to make smarter decisions on fuel consumption, asset management and route optimisation, while providing automated trip logging to improve the operational safety of your entire fleet.
Data analytics, reporting and BI
Our custom integrated BI and reporting solutions enable you to make data-driven decisions that boost operational efficiency and reduce losses. With deep-dive data analytics, you’ll gain a holistic picture of your entire enterprise, allowing you to manage resources and demand, keep tabs on your KPIs, and automate day-to-day reporting processes.
RFID and Beacon Solutions
We help logistics companies implement RFID and Beacon technology into their supply chain to keep track of the goods and inventories throughout the supply chain journey. The RFID and Beacon solution created by us focuses on enhancing efficiency for the logistics supply chain.
Traffic management software
We have developed real-time traffic management systems powered by advanced geo-mapping and location technologies to keep track of the vehicle flows, on-road incidents, traffic hazards, weather conditions, traffic violations and road repair data collected by authorities.
Fleet management software
We build advanced fleet management software with capability to track fleet vehicles and monitor their real-time performance and whereabouts. Our fleet management software solutions are focused on enhancing fleet efficiency and reducing fuel cost.
  • Compliance with relevant regulations, e.g., Federal Travel Regulation, Federal Management Regulation.
  • Mature project management in line with customer requirements.
  • Integration with existing management systems, e.g., ERP, WMS.
  • Cross-platform compatibility.
Fleet management software provides visibility into vehicles’ location, condition, and fuel consumption and gives insights into drivers’ behaviour.
In fleet management, Realxposure delivers dedicated applications to optimize vehicle maintenance, reduce operational costs, and improve driver safety.
We pack your fleet management application with a range of functional modules combined according to your needs, including:
Fleet maintenance
Preventative fleet maintenance. Maintenance scheduling and alerting.
Out-of-order alerts. Maintenance completion reports. Vehicles’ parts inventory management (e.g., purchase order creation, tracking). Repair orders tracking.
Vehicle warranty and insurance information management.
Fleet tracking
Real-time tracking of vehicles. Fleet availability dashboards. Drivers’ behaviour monitoring (e.g., driving speed, unnecessary stops). Fuel consumption tracking.
Dispatch management
Route calculation and optimization.
Delivery scheduling and task list generation (for drivers and employees).
Automated vehicle assignment. Vehicle service history tracking. Real-time trip monitoring. Convenient communication between call centre reps and drivers.
Dispatch document management (e.g., invoices, dispatch details reports).
Route optimization and geofencing
Optimal route planning and dynamic route adjustment (in case of accidents, roadblocks, etc.). Route schedules optimization (e.g., based on distance, priorities, and deadlines). Notifications to fleet managers on vehicles entering or leaving certain geographic areas.
Budgeting and expense management
Fuel management optimization. Vehicle maintenance and expenses budgeting.
Vehicle insurance and warranty expiration notifications.
Accident detection and claim management
Automated detection of a vehicle collision. Automatic accident notifications to fleet managers. Accident details reports. Towing service management. Repair process management.
Policies and compliance monitoring
Automated tracking of vehicles’ operating parameters (e.g., fuel consumption, vehicle speed) to ensure compliance with fleet management regulations (e.g., Department of Transport).
Remote monitoring of tachograph data compliance with applicable regulations (e.g., recorded periods of driving and rest, travelled distance, timely tachograph data download).
Vehicle warranty expiration dates and insurance information tracking.

Dispatch Software Solutions

Dispatch Routing Software
Integrate third-party mapping and GIS software APIs, as well as custom features for multi-destination scheduling, geo-fencing, fuel price tracking, and more.
Emergency Dispatch Software
We develop computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems with dispatching features like (IAED) protocols, time compliance trackers, and ALI/ANI integrations.
Mobile Field Dispatch Software
Program native Android, iOS, and Windows mobile apps and cross-platform web pps, using Xamarin or PhoneGap, with built-in routing and mapping interfaces.
Dispatch Scheduling Software
Engineer automated dispatch scheduling software that enables more streamlined labour and asset management and promotes enhanced operational efficiency.

Fleet Management Software Solutions

Fleet Telematics Software
Engineer custom FMCSA/DVIR-compliant TMS software with built-in telematics systems to facilitate easy asset location tracking, mileage monitoring, and more.
Fuel Management Software
Optimize your fleet management by integrating fleet fuel card data that tracks your point-to-point fuel consumption and fuel usage fluctuations.
GPS Fleet Tracking Software
Automate complex routing strategies with GPS tracking, geofencing, and specific dispatch zoning, maximized by integrating third-party technologies like GeoTab or Teletrac.
Asset Management Software
Integrate asset management software to effectively manage every fleet vehicle’s inventory, driver assignments, asset status history, and fleet-related documents.

Public Transportation Software Solutions

Vehicle Telematics Software
Our business intelligence (BI) systems coordinate with public transportation vehicle telematics software to track real-time location, speed, mileage, inventory, and more.
Route Optimization Software
Implement advanced route optimization algorithms and machine learning techniques to help public transit authorities deliver improved service and lower operational costs.
Transportation Mapping Software
Our programmers configure GIS and GPS software equipped with route optimizers, customer mapping, drive time radius, and other features displayed on an interactive map.
Paratransit Dispatch Software
Custom paratransit and non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) software solutions incorporate client-scheduling platforms, communication portals, and much more.

Rideshare & Carpooling App Solutions

Rideshare Passenger App Development
Rideshare passenger apps incorporate real-time communication, booking & cancellation, real-time alerts, ETAs, fare estimates, driver ratings & feedback, and many other features.
Rideshare Driver App Development
Rideshare driver apps are designed with turn-by-turn navigation systems and comprehensive driver dashboards that showcase details on daily earnings, trip summaries, and more.
Rideshare Admin Panel Development
Rideshare admin panel portals enable high-level, real-time visibility of key rideshare business metrics, fleet management system integration, and comprehensive reporting/analytics.

Car Rental Management Software Solutions

Booking & Reservation System
Develop feature-rich central reservation systems that seamlessly integrate with existing GDSs, online booking tools (OBT), extranets, and tour operator & OTA websites.
Rental Insurance Software Solutions
Design rental insurance solutions to quote personal accident insurance, supplemental liability protection, roadside assistance protection, damage waivers, and more.
Rental Fleet Management Software
Engineer fleet management dashboards detailing rental statuses, return authorization numbers, maintenance records, registration dates, travel history, and other features.
Car Tracking Software Solutions
Experts implement custom and third-party GPS software solutions for real-time car rental tracking, plus program recovery service platforms with advanced ignition controls.

Traffic Management Software Solutions

Intelligent Transportation System Software
Program software and firmware for real-time traffic monitoring, equipped with RFID sensors, automatic plate number recognition, RWIS, communication platforms, and more.
Traffic Camera Software Integrations
Integrate video management systems (VMS) and networked video recorders (NVRs) with new or legacy traffic cameras, implementing incident and speed detection capabilities.
Network Traffic Monitoring Software
Engineers implement extended floating car data (xFCD) software using vehicle re-identification sensors, GPS, and telematics devices for advanced speed tracking.

Parking Management Software Solutions

Parking Permit Management Software
Defines and manages permit types/rates, customizable time-limit and renewals, extended stays, inventory tracking, registration management, payment hosting, and more.
Parking Mobile & Kiosk Solutions
Implement advanced self-service kiosk software, payment processing & accounting, e-ticket software, TICO/CICO functions, and so much more with full mobile functionality.
Parking Enforcement Management
Develop mobile parking attendant apps that facilitate virtual and QR-coded paper ticket issuing, ANPR, photo documentation, automated fee calculations, and more.



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