What is ServiceNow Tool?

ServiceNow Tool is a Product of ServiceNow Inc, which is an American cloud-based IT management company. ServiceNow Tool was first introduced as ITSM tool used for various IT activities such as asset management, incident management, change management, problem management, Knowledge management, CMDB (Configuration Management Database) etc.

But, now ServiceNow Tool has become huge and serves lots of ITOM, ITBM applications like Project Portfolio management, Demand Management, Financial Management, Governance Risk and Compliance, HR, Agile Development etc.

What is ServiceNow Tool used for?

ServiceNow is a cloud based IT management tool, which is used to automate business process and provides best service to customers and encourages best practices in managing all services as a business.

ServiceNow is one of the best IT Service Management Tool. Presently, most of the organizations are using ServiceNow and replacing their old ITSM suites. For instance, some organizations those were using Remedy moved to ServiceNow Tool because of its faster GUI. As ServiceNow is cloud based IT management tool, there is no requirement to create external databases and networking because they are maintained from the cloud and managed in ServiceNow tool internally. Other factor can be that ServiceNow is also cost effective to organizations.

ServiceNow is also called as ticketing tool that follows ITIL process such as incident management, problem management, change management, knowledge management etc. ServiceNow Incident Management application is widely used by organization and it is a perfect example of ticketing application.

Our pick of ServiceNow’s top tools

• IT Service Desk

Service desk is a mediator between end user and IT support teams. ServiceNow Walk up Experience provides a self-service portal where employees of an organization can access IT support by connecting with trained staff, who can handle queries in real time via live chat. Features include online check-in, automated notifications for queue alerts, appointment scheduling and inventory management.

• HR Service Delivery

ServiceNow can connect HR workflows with all business departments so that repetitive tasks like onboarding or orientation and completion of forms are less reliant on manual processing, freeing up HR to focus on other priorities.

• Field Service Management

Spreadsheets, email, and other management tools are replaced with a “light-speed” service designed for everyone in the business, enabling field staff to work effectively when on location. The module’s features include appointment booking capability, dynamic scheduling, and a mobile app which supports offline working.

• Application Development

Business apps can be built, tested, and run with little to no coding required, using the Now Platform App Engine. According to ServiceNow, this tool allows businesses to ‘bring new enterprise apps to the market in half the time and one-third of the cost.’ The app development module could be especially useful for businesses lacking the resource of in-house developers.

• Security Threat Resolution

ServiceNow’s automated tools can reduce threat research from 45 minutes to under a minute. The ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance module prioritizes vulnerabilities, manages incidents, and visualizes the effectiveness of security investments, helping you to protect your business.

In Conclusion

ServiceNow and its tools undoubtedly brings together process, technology and data to drive innovative business outcomes and numerous benefits to the business such as reduced IT help desk resolution and handling time, optimized cost to serve through platform consolidation, decreased operational and software costs, quick and frequent upgrades, increased employee engagement and improves speed and accuracy through automation.

To wrap it up, ServiceNow is not just a service desk and incident management tool. It can be leveraged by different audiences throughout your organization for their unique needs and by the organizational leadership to determine the next steps in the organization’s evolution. When done correctly, the benefits of ServiceNow can be game-changing for your organization.