What is ITSM?

IT Service Management (ITSM) focuses on customer needs and IT services for customers rather than on IT systems. ITSM stresses continual improvement.

The main idea behind ITSM is the delivery of IT as a service. This goes beyond traditional IT support. ITSM is more inclusive as it describes the processes and tools IT teams use to manage IT services, end to end, and covers all information technologies within an organization.

ITSM aligns an IT team’s goals with the broader objectives of the business, and that their actions support the overall mission.

ITSM encompasses a wide range of IT services; common examples include:

• Service desk support
• Asset provisioning and management
• Device lifecycle management
• Software licensing and SLA (Service Level Agreement) management
• Identity management

Benefits of ITSM

ITSM has become an integral part of any organization. ITSM manages IT services in a simple and straightforward manner. There are a lot of advantages or benefits of ITSM.

• Increases operational efficiency: By harnessing service management ITSM best practices, your company will be able to maximize the value from the resources they have and greatly improve workflows.

• Risk-Free Implementation of IT Changes: ITIL’s Change Management process describes a system for ensuring that your IT organization can implement new changes to the IT environment in ways that limit or remove the risk of damaging your business

• Enables More Effective Planning: IT service management helps organizations engage in more effective planning activities with a variety of positive consequences.

• Improved ROI or Return of Investments: Using ITSM helps increase your business’ ROI. IT services become streamlined and this convenience leads to an increase in productivity.

• Better performance: Employees will perform better given the right set of tools as using ITSM tools will help employees find the information they need faster. Employees can sort out reports without any problem.

ITSM frameworks

ITSM framework refers to the collective processes and practices that are needed to manage and support Information Technology services. ITSM framework supports the full spectrum of IT services – right from network, application and complete business services, in a vendor-independent manner.

1. ITIL: IT service management systems are based on ITIL (a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited). IT organizations use this integrated, process-based framework to track, deliver, and manage technical services for an enterprise.
2. CMMI: CMMI stands for capability maturity model integration is designed for ease of use, flexibility, accessibility, and integration across methodologies. CMMI is a framework designed to provide best practices for product development and maintenance.
3. Six Sigma: The overall goal of the Six Sigma framework is to completely eliminate errors. It does by quickly identifying defects, determining their root cause, and optimizing processes for accuracy and repeatability.

ServiceNow ITSM modules

ServiceNow ITSM is a powerful and flexible solution that comes with a wealth of out-of-the-box modules such as;

1. Incident Management: for removing malfunctions quicker and increasing IT service availability
2. Knowledge Management: for accumulating knowledge on incident resolution and sharing it with the entire IT support team & end users.
3. Service Level Management: for tracking the speed of incident resolution & checking its compliance with the established quality of service
4. Request Management: for fulfilling end users’ IT-related requests.
5. Configuration Management: keeping track of all IT infrastructure elements &solving incidents faster knowing the interrelations.
6. Reports & Dashboards: for getting insights into IT support performance.
7. Problem Management: for searching and removing the root causes of similar incidents to prevent any more incidents of the same nature
8. Change Management: for introducing changes to the IT infrastructure to remove the root causes of problems

Why Does Your Business Need ServiceNow ITSM?

If your business utilizes any type of technology, whether it is as simple as providing laptops to your staff or as complex as space exploration, integrating modern ITSM solutions into your IT workflows can significantly impact company efficiency and productivity.

Because IT service management (ITSM) is a collection of policies and processes for the management and support of IT services—throughout their entire lifecycle—ITSM helps improve an enterprise’s efficiency and increase employee productivity.

Wrapping it Up

ServiceNow ITSM has evolved from a simple ticketing application to a robust collection of fully functional business process management solutions. Originally designed for IT, the ServiceNow application suite now includes modules for IT, HR and Customer Service management.

For more information on how to leverage these ServiceNow technologies and others or to schedule a free consultation, contact Realxposure’s expert team today.