What are reports in ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a useful tool for generating reports; it demonstrates processes and results in a clear visual form that helps managers to draw the necessary conclusions. ServiceNow reports are visualizations of your data that you can share with users on dashboards and service portals, export to PDF, and send via email.
The ServiceNow system includes a range of predefined reports that provide data on applications and features like incident management and service catalogue requests. You can also create your own reports, add reports on homepages and dashboards to share information across your organization.

Types of Reports

You can create the accompanying sorts of reports, coordinated by class:

1.Bar reports: Empower you to look at scores across information measurements.
2.Pie and Donut reports: Envision the connection between the parts and the entire of a data index utilizing shapes, for example, pies.
3.Time Series reports: Picturize information over the long run. Notwithstanding information from inside your instances and imported information sources, you can utilize MetricBase information in time arrangement reports.
4.Multidimensional reports: Depict information across measurements in a solitary table or chart.
5.Scores: Depict single information focuses either across ranges or as a solitary estimate.
6.Statistical reports: Portray information with statistical qualities, for example, medians and means.
7.Different reports incorporate calendars, maps, and lists.

How to create a custom report in ServiceNow?


• Navigate to Reports > View / Run.
• Scroll down to the [SM application] Request section.
• Click a report to open it, or click Edit to modify it.
• To create your own report, click New beside Global reports at the top of the page and use any of the tables installed with service management application to create the report.

Benefits of ServiceNow Reporting

• Get fast access to data:
Visualize data quickly using pre-defined reports and dashboards customized for each workflow.

• Increase awareness and actionability
Publish reports to URLs and dashboards—share links or create visualizations to act on data easily.

• Reduce manual effort
Identify and automate frequently run reports quickly and easily using built-in tools.

• Boost data security and integrity
Get peace of mind knowing data stays protected at all times and never leaves the platform.

Why is ServiceNow reporting convenient?

There are several arguments that confirm the convenience of ServiceNow reporting because

• ServiceNow reporting is on the same platform with data that it uses.
• ServiceNow has a lot of helpful built-in features for creating reports.
• It offers perfect detalization. (for example, when you push one of the bars of a bar chart report, you see another report with more details)
• ServiceNow shows data in real-time.
• ServiceNow allows for planning reports. The program can build reports and send them to users according to your rules and schedule.

What drawbacks does the ServiceNow reporting have?

Some aspects of ServiceNow make it harder to use, such as:

• Quality of data is critical since information for reports is provided manually by users, so any incorrect input can affect the quality and accuracy of reports.
• The risk of system overloading increases if several large reports with a lot of drill-downs are opened at the same time
•Sometimes a manager should have special knowledge of Jelly and JavaScript to create complex reports.
•It is a difficult setting without professional help since setting up the links between different indicators can be require an expert.


Each business needs to get the correct data to the opportune individuals to help them settle on better choices. Yet, decentralized information and unbendable reporting abilities make this test considerably more difficult. ServiceNow Reporting consolidates the intensity of its foundation with a solitary information model to create and disseminate the data your clients require, when they want it. They get altered and predefined reports, and can make attracting dashboards instantly.