What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow may be described as a platform in the cloud that has a framework and tools which allows one to build in applications. It has a pre-built standard set of application to support any process, say IT, HR, customer service, legal, finance, etc. For those who are still stuck with manual processing and find it highly challenging to manage all their service requests, ServiceNow is a perfect solution as it provides with a single system of record on the cloud to solve all your internal challenges.

What is ServiceNow PPM?

Project Portfolio Management is the application of methods, tools, and techniques to achieve new capabilities, meet demands, respond to organizational changes, or realize a new opportunity.
If you’ve struggled to manage your organization’s projects and are looking for a single system of action to oversee your portfolios from idea to implementation, then ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management would be the right choice. They can be used to manage demands, projects, portfolios, resources, timesheets, finances, and reporting. With data and processes integrated into one system, they eliminate risk, keep your goals on track, and support analysis.

ServiceNow PPM Fundamentals

• Creates a demand.
• Imports Microsoft projects into ServiceNow.
• Build, manage, and track programs and portfolios.
• Use a hybrid approach to work within a project, in order to manage agile and test.
• Manage the project scope, schedule, and resources and communicate efficiently with project teams and stakeholders.
• Manage project artifacts and close out projects.
• Track project financials and resource effort.
• Manage project task resources with a clear view of capacity, allocations.
• Track time related to resources.
• Monitor project progress and generate detailed project level and strategic portfolio level reports.

Project Portfolio Management Applications

• ServiceNow Demand Management is an application used for assessing ideas and promoting accepted ideas to strategic and operational demands. It enables your organization to track, govern, and promote incoming ideas and demands.

• ServiceNow Project Management guides projects from initiation to closure by using a suite of tools to manage projects, task, and resources.

• Service Now Program Management is an application used to manage programs and tasks. Managing multiple projects under the same category is easy.

• Service Now Portfolio Management is an application that enables you to manage your projects and programs in different portfolios.

• Service Now Resource Management in ServiceNow accurately manages resources across portfolios and projects

• ServiceNow Innovation Management is an application that enables you to gather and evaluate ideas and promote accepted ideas to demand, story, epic, or project.

Benefits of Project Portfolio Management

• ServiceNow PPM manages outcomes to create value by aligning your portfolio strategy, investments, and team structures to meet your business goals.

• ServiceNow PPM delivers faster by scaling work and implementing in weeks rather than months with seamless upgrades that allow for faster innovation.

• ServiceNow PPM embraces uncertainty with flexible planning by keep up with change—adapt plans, refocus teams to meet expectations, and continuously prioritize.

• ServiceNow PPM manages hybrid ways of working by getting more flexible to manage both traditional and agile methods of working for greater visibility.

In Conclusion

ServiceNow is making the world of work, work better for people. ServiceNow’s cloud-based platform and solutions deliver digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity for employees and the enterprise.

With ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management, you can finally take control of your application, project, and financial portfolios so your IT can function like a true business and gain visibility, improve alignment strategy, and increase velocity of your deliverables.

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