Finding ways to make a business more efficient is no easy task. If your business provides software or app development services to the general public, you need to find a way to make this process quick and painless for your clients. One of the best ways to reduce the amount of errors and setbacks that you face during a software or app development projects is by using DevOps methodologies.

What is DevOps?

The IT industry can be categorized at a high level into three main streams of employees, one is generalist, the second is specialist and the third is virtualist. The generalists are the employees who know all the technologies used in their organization at an overview level like an IT support guy or BPO or pre-sales executive. But they don’t know how to code or deeper technical knowledge.

Whereas, a specialist is someone who is an expert in a particular language like Java or Oracle and dive deep into the core technical skills. But unfortunately, in today’s challenging working environment learning one OS or one programming language is not sufficient, this is where a virtualist comes in. DevOps specialist is a virtualist who has extensive and deep knowledge of both operational and developmental skills all in one place.
While the benefits of a DevOps approach are enormous, adopting a DevOps approach is no easy feat.

Why is DevOps important?

Talking about the importance of DevOps, it is necessary to bring mobility and flexibility. It assists entrepreneurs to keep their iteration cycle shore and scale up the overall capability without increasing the team size. Proper implementation of DevOps also enables your company to implement changes in real-time and with more efficiency.

Examples of DevOps

Since the relatively new technical concept of DevOps can still often be misused or misunderstood, the most effective way to make it clear is to consider some examples. So, below, you’ll find examples of companies that managed to use DevOps practices well.

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and it’s also one of the most successful DevOps companies. Amazon has heavily invested in establishing DevOps practices. The company writes software to handle problems from world-class customer support to troubleshooting their product to delivering their in-house solutions.

Netflix makes an industry-leading use of DevOps to help programmers and IT administrators automate their daily workflows. As a streaming service, Netflix operates within a cloud-based infrastructure of hundreds of microservices. And with the vast majority of Netflix’s software being open-source and community-contributed, it’s no surprise that the company is adopting DevOps practices.

DevOps practices are the core of the company’s business and the foundation on which it has grown. Facebook is one of the pioneers of DevOps that changed the way software is developed and deployed.


What do companies like Amazon, Target, Esty, Netflix, Google and Walmart all have in common? Apart from the fact that they are wildly successful companies, they all use a method known as DevOps in their day to day processes to increase efficiency and improve delivery time. Practicing DevOps benefits organizations in many ways, but people in different organizational roles may tend to focus on different benefits of DevOps.

Begin implementing this new development environment and reap the benefits the DevOps process has to offer. While it seems daunting to alter a familiar software development process, the right guidance can smooth the path to full implementation. Contact Realxposure today to get the right guidance.