Can Your Company Be Immune to Hacking?

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According to Starbucks CEO no company can be totally immune from hacking. Most internet security specialists will also agree. Hackers are drawn to websites based on the value of the information stored on the website.  In case of retail websites, hackers target these websites to steal the customers data and will then attempt to sell this on the information black market.

Why then would a low level website be hacked if it has little traffic and not much data stored.  there are hackers who hack sites and steal information for profit and there are those who are simply malicious and just want to prove that they can disrupt your business and then the third category will bring your website down and call you to let you know they can repair it.

The solution: maintain a level of security to make it just difficult enough to prevent the low level malicious hackers from breaking in but not too much to make the high level criminals think you have something really valuable to hide.  It is like making sure you lock your car or house with keys so that thieves will not have to simply  open the door and take your stuff, but don’t start implementing high level security systems with infra-red detection because that is too expensive and only invites the real criminals who are unstoppable.

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