Replika4u brand was facing problems in terms of revenue generation and transactions regardless of the continuous advertisements on major paid marketing sources like Facebook Ads, Google AdWords etc.

Our Products

They were trying hard but there was a pitfall that was snatching the expected and desired results from paid channels. Though Google AdWords was the main source for promotions but they were not getting enough conversions and revenues. It was then Realxposure took over the project and worked for them.

Initial Challenges

“Realxposure then reviewed the brand and performance for on-going advertising campaign.”

The AdWords professional team draw conclusion through Google Analytics that there were a few points responsible for poor conversions rates in terms of money like ads at Facebook and Google AdWords.”

Stable paid marketing performances (AdWords, Facebook)

Realxposure marketing team reviewed & analyzed all paid marketing platforms including Google AdWords & Facebook Ads. After analyzing all campaigns, we found that there were some campaigns which are not performing well and require revamping from the scratch.

Google AdWords

We set a benchmark for Cost, Conversion and Cost per Conversion per day to achieve the performance.

For that we need to optimize all the campaigns by reducing/increasing cost, adding new/negative keywords and many more changes.Business often spends money on those platforms which gives some good return as a profit; in ecommerce industry we call it as a Return on Investment.

Facebook Ads

We analyzed the traffic stats on Google Analytics and found that big portion of traffic coming from Facebook.

Later, our team checked all the live campaigns in Facebook and found that these campaigns are not giving much outcome and decided to pause it to reduce the cost.

Mobile Device Performance

This one is very important point we strongly recommend to check very closely. We closely reviewed device performance data from both paid and organic traffic and found that the mobile device was not performing well.

The Spending From Mobile device

was very high and the conversions numbers was very disappointing as compare to desktop device.

There was the major challenge for us before we started working on this project.

  • Restricted Mobile Bid

    (High cost per conversion from Mobile & Tablet device in major campaigns)

  • Limits the targeting

    (Excluded/Changed bid for non-performing countries)

  • Day Parting

    (Reduced bid for particular hour of the day which are getting low conversions)

  • Non-Performing Campaigns Paused
  • Reduced the Bid of high CPC campaigns
  • Added Negative Keywords
  • Landing Page Optimization Recommendation

    (Website was having issue on mobile devices, Improved Product Images)

  • Dynamic Re-marketing Campaign

    (Targeted those customers who visited website earlier but didn’t buy any product)

  • PLA Optimization

    (Revised shopping campaign – Reduced/Increased bid of individual products, mobile bid, added negative keywords)

  • Created new shopping ad campaign by targeting specific group of products.Improve well performing campaigns

    (Increased budget of well performing campaigns with new set of keywords)

  • Wise Selection of Keywords

    (Match Type – Experiment new set of keywords)

  • Analyze Organic Traffic & Products Performances

    (Created new campaigns based on Analytics report)

Replika4u Advertising

Started Advertising on other paid marketing platforms
(Advertise on AdRoll, Criteo, Pinterest during holiday season)

“We grabbed good opportunity to increase sales during Holidays season and we did it effectively.”

We know we can always rely on Realxposure various competencies.