Several weeks ago Website Magazine asked its Facebook followers a question about customer relationship management systems – the platforms used today in business to aid in the management (communicating et al) of customers and clients.

What we were interested in discovering was whether CRM systems were in place at digital enterprises amongst our readership and what those enterprises actually thought about its role and importance as a solution for them – meaning if there was value being provided or not.

The results were actually pretty much exactly what was expected – lots of use and on the whole quite a positive perception as well. Of the 856 votes cast, 71% use a CRM and indicated it was essential to success, while nearly 9 percent were using CRM but not seeing much value. Also interesting was that 10 percent were not using a CRM but were exploring their options. Approximately 5 percent of respondents were unfamiliar with CRM. Just 3.1 percent of respondents said they do not use CRM and likely never would.

There you have it> Now if you are using an off the shelf CRM or not using a CRM or using one tha tyou are not satisfied with, you need to make a call.  Call us now at 954-237-8084.

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