RideIn App for Driver allows
Drivers to join

RideIn and make Money on their Schedule

About RideIn Canada

RideIn app provides a luxurious car service at affordable rates than any other transportation services to customers. RideIn aims at providing a seamless experience to users by offering convenience of booking a ride, while having a fleet of luxurious cars and making your ride to destination memorable.

User App Features

This customer/passenger app is easy-to-use and user-friendly, made especially for customers who want to book rides for a particular destination.

Driver App Features

Driver app is made for ride handling which is solely accessed by the drivers where they can easily track the number of bookings in day and earnings as well along with some advanced inbuilt features.


Dispatcher panel comes under admin panel which comes with an extensive range of in-built features. The main motive of this panel is to reduce overall burden of admin. Through dispatcher panel, admin can launch the app in various regions.


It is the main dashboard of the Ride in app. The panel comes with an extensive range of features and tools to allows you to manage the on-demand app solution effectively. You can make changes in the app or introduce loyalty programs to attract more clients.


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