BigCommerce is a premium hosted e-commerce solution which allows business owners to set up an online store, customize it to their liking, and then sell an unlimited number of digital, physical, or even service-based products.

Simply put, BigCommerce is an ecommerce platform that provides software as a service services to retailers. The company’s platform includes online store creation, search engine optimization, hosting, and marketing and security from small to Enterprise sized businesses. So long as you have access to a web browser and the Internet, you can build and manage your store from anywhere. BigCommerce does not require you to purchase any web hosting or install anything on your computer in order to use it. Instead, it’s a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), which means you only have to pay a monthly fee to continue using it.

To begin with, BigCommerce is a great choice for

•  New and ambitious ecommerce stores, since BigCommerce is super scalable with plans starting at just $29.95,
•  Stores which sell through other platforms (e.g. Instagram, Etsy, eBay) as well as through your own store.
•  Well-established ecommerce stores which have outgrown their current platform.

Bigcommerce offers amazing e-commerce store management features (including product management, order fulfilment, online payments, coupons, analytics, etc.), good-looking designs, and countless customization features.
But is Bigcommerce the right solution for you and your business specifically? Let’s find out!

Here are some of the BigCommerce features that make it so special:

1. Unlimited File Storage, Bandwidth, & Products

There are no limits on catalogue size, storage, or the number of requests you can receive on your ecommerce store in BigCommerce. It is also true because it is a “Standard” platform for an entry-level store; thus, you don’t need to purchase any better plan for more products or better loading times. Like any other ecommerce store, your BigCommerce store will work best with a clean design and consolidated assets. The benefit is that you won’t have to pay extra for any additional bandwidth.

2. Single-Page Checkout

A streamlined checkout is crucial for conversions. Every step a customer takes toward the final purchase is an opportunity for a distraction or a change of mind. BigCommerce has engineered a simple, single-page checkout that removes distractions and increases the likelihood that customers will complete the purchase.

3. Less Downtime

You will reap the benefits of 99.99% service uptime, as this is an important detail for sales and for building customer trust. Shoppers can rely on stores remaining open even during a holiday rush or flash sale.

4. Payment flexibility

You have much more flexibility on how you process payments as well as having high-end fraud protection. You will also benefit from zero transaction fees based on your preferred gateway. BigCommerce Enterprise accepts payments in 250+ local methods.

5. Product Videos

BigCommerce gives you the functionality of adding videos to the products. Like product images, videos also help the customers have better insight or vision of the product. The video can be added using a simple YouTube link and appears right on the product page. You can showcase your products by an in-depth demonstration or sizzle reel.

6. Personalization

You have the liberty to personalize your storefront using their flexible codebase which will help to convert shoppers. This includes changing the language on display, highlighting specific products and much more.

7. Service and support

Enterprise customers can take advantage of 24/7 email, live chat and phone support. The help and support channels available depend on what price plan you’re on. As a larger merchant, your request will benefit from priority support which means a Senior Technical Support agent will answer your call in under 30 seconds. When you sign up for a free trial, you get an email through offering an appointment for a 10 minute call to discuss your business, its goals, and how BigCommerce can help you succeed.

8.  Bulk Pricing

Bulk pricing is one of several off-the-shelf features that make BigCommerce a compelling choice for B2B stores. This feature allows the sellers to incentivize purchases at a higher quantity by offering bulk discounts.

9. Unlimited API calls

Application programming interfaces, or APIs, simplify software development and innovation by enabling applications to exchange data and functionality easily and securely.
The open architecture doesn’t limit your API calls. Enterprise gives you the opportunity to transfer any data in real time with any part of your platforms such as products, customers, orders, payments and shipping

10. Ratings & Reviews

BigCommerce includes a simple system for customer reviews and ratings. This system can be activated with a single click and made available on any product page. In BigCommerce, you will also get customizable templates for sending emails to customers to ask for reviews for recently purchased products.

Final Word

Overall, BigCommerce is a SaaS e-commerce solution that makes it easy for you to quickly create and operate your online store. It’s renowned to be the perfect match for middle and large scale businesses. The platform still works nicely with small companies, but it’s not the best choice since it may cost a fortune if you surpass its sale limit.
If you’re curious about how well BigCommerce would meet your specific company’s unique e-commerce needs, feel free to contact Realxposure for feedback from our team of experienced professionals.