Maintaining your online store might not be an easy task, especially if you don’t have much experience working with the development language of the platform. That’s why a maintenance service is extremely helpful. Not only does it provide assistance whenever you need but it also improves the quality and productivity of your business. With a suitable service, the operation process will become smoother and simpler.

Magento support services help to make urgent fixes to website functioning and ensure its trouble-free performance. By offering Magento support services, Realxposure assists in handling all arising technical hurdles and stands for continuous business evolution in line with changing business needs.

In this blog, we’re going to introduce some Magento support services that you should take into account for your business.

1. Migration Service

Switching from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is a challenging project. You have to make sure all the data is successfully migrated, from customer to product information. If there are any incidents during the migration process, chances are, you’ll be easily confused. The Migration service is here to help you with that. The migration service ensures a smooth transition from one version to another.
But if you are wondering whether to move onto Magento 2, here are some advantages of this new edition that you should take into account:
•Magento 2 page loading speed is 2-3 times faster.
•Magento 2 comes with more advanced features.
•Magento 2 security has been enhanced.
•Magento 2 has a mobile-friendly interface.

2. Security Service

Any security vulnerabilities can place your store at potential risk of data loss and external invaders. Avoiding security vulnerabilities is important to protect data and keep the site perform consistently. That’s why security service is one of the most essential Magento support services.
At Realxposure, we periodically check and update the site with the latest security patches officially released by Magento. This security service helps you with malware clean-up, firewall setup and if you have been hacked, they will remove your website from the blacklists as soon as possible.

3. Integration Service

System integration means joining different subsystems into one large system, for instance: integrating a customer relationship management system into your e-commerce store. Integrations add great value to your overall system as it gives you better control of the business.

From ERPs to marketing and Sales software, Realxposure’s Magento Enterprise support team can help you integrate any platform with your Magento store.

4. Performance Service

This kind of Magento support service covers a wide range of topics. It can provide you with advice on how to improve performance or help you enhance a specific aspect of your online store. Some usual performance improvement services that you can find include SEO improvement, Speed improvement and Sales improvement.

For instance, if you have low website opening or high bounce rates, there may be a problem of the slow page loading speed that scares potential customers away. This issue calls for urgent measures – we competently audit your website to understand and address the underlying problem.

5. Extension Service

An extension is a piece of software that can extend the capabilities of an application. In other words, it adds extra features to an already existing application. For example, when the default SEO function of Magento is not sufficient for your store, you can enhance it by adding an SEO extension. Some extensions can also help you save time and effort doing the manual work such as translating your content, SEO optimizing, managing multiple stores

From extension installation and integration to custom extension development, Realxposure’s Magento support services team does it all.

To summarize, Magento performance optimizations, 3rd party integrations, adding security patches and migration to the latest Magento versions are the most common requests in Magento managed services and support. Some of these requests may overlap with each other and in most cases, bug fixes, security updates and migration tasks are inevitable.

If you are looking for a Magento support service, Realxposure’s experienced Magento team will definitely bring you positive results.