ServiceNow is making headlines as a lot many companies are using ServiceNow due to its constant innovation and due to its high speed of development and deployment. Most of the organizations making use of this particular service have benefitted in profits and revenue. With a proven capability to transform the IT industry and any enterprise, there is no wonder that ServiceNow has become so popular.

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a cloud-based company founded in 2004, which provides software as a service (SaaS) for technical management support. It supports IT Operations of large corporations, thereby improving their operational efficiency and automating their routine work tasks. Simply put, is a cloud-based software platform for IT Service Management (ITSM) that helps to automate IT Business Management (ITBM), thereby assisting business to become faster and scalable.

What is SeviceNow ITOM?

ServiceNow’s IT operations management or ITOM solution aims at delivering three important aspects for your IT Ops team – service visibility, service availability and service agility. Through IT Operations Management, the organization reduces infrastructure spending, improves utilization of existing resources, and reduces risks due to human error.

ServiceNow ITOM solution help the organizations in gaining clear visibility into IT Infrastructure and alerts you with issues before they occur. ServiceNow Discovery helps the organizations to develop a unified system for managing the IT infrastructure spanning, and cloud. Event management segment of ServiceNow monitors the tools and comes with a single dashboard to proactively figure out the service issues.

The goals of IT Operations Management are to:

• Improve consistency and reliability of IT services
• Take advantage of AI and machine learning to automate processes
• Move away from reactive problem-solving to proactive prevention
• Right-size IT resources in lockstep with real-time usage demands

Why use SeviceNow ITOM?

The features of ServiceNow ITSM are mainly focussed on automating the tedious and time taking tasks of the IT team and helps organizations with various other benefits such as cost minimization, IT enhancement, and improving service availability.

Following are the features of ServiceNow ITOM:


To spare your IT service agents from manual data entry while populating the CMDB (Configuration Management Database), ServiceNow Discovery automatically scans your entire IT infrastructure, finds all devices and applications in it, records basic relationships among them and updates the CMDB with the discovered info. This gives IT service agents more time to maintain IT service provision and eliminates human error in CMDB data.

2. Event Management

ServiceNow Event Management constantly looks after all activities in an organization, if anything seems odd it automatically alerts the teams to look after it. It prevents the organization from falling into the worst situation and helps in continuing business delivery. Event Management also provides a detailed impact analysis and suggests an improvement in IT and business service delivery.

3. Orchestration

To save your IT team from the mundane and repetitive tasks ServiceNow orchestration helps the organizations in building the workflows to automate multiple tasks which include applications, servers, printers and remote servers. Your IT team need not engage in all the manual activities such as distributing software or resetting passwords. All these things automatically are taken care of by the Orchestration. Orchestration lowers the cost of operations and the result is improved ROI.

4. Operational Intelligence

Using machine learning capabilities, ServiceNow Operational Intelligence upgrades failure prevention. Analyzing service health data, Operational Intelligence recognizes anomalies in your IT infrastructure, prioritizes them and notifies the IT team if an anomaly needs to be promptly handled to prevent a failure. It boosts the IT team’s performance and makes interruptions to your IT and business services scarce.

5. Service Mapping

ServiceNow Service Mapping is an advanced form of Discovery that automatically builds complex maps of interdependent configuration items based on what business services they deliver. This eliminates the need for IT service agents to manually build such maps in ServiceNow, thus removing data errors and making failure impact analysis more accurate.

6. Cloud Management

If your in-house developers or outsourced partners consume cloud resources in their daily activities, you can implement ServiceNow Cloud Management to provision and manage these resources optimally. It will not only let your IT team conveniently fulfil cloud resource requests but also monitor resource consumption, optimize it and cut related costs.

In Conclusion

Realxposure has a dedicated team of highly trained, experienced and Certified ServiceNow professionals supporting the customer through offshore development centre setup.
Realxposure’s ITOM journey on ServiceNow represents a steady progression of enabling relevant service components to simplify IT operations management at scale and at speed to keep pace with its evolving IT stack and landscape changes. Combining ServiceNow’s ITOM components with Realxposure’s existing log analytic and orchestrations platforms allows deeper insight on anomalies, extends the monitoring capability, and enables Realxposure to develop more focused automation solutions to invoke action.

So if you too are facing any challenges with ServiceNow, feel free to get in touch for custom multilingual ServiceNow solutions from Realxposure