Artificial Intelligence has various applications in today’s society. It is becoming essential for today’s time because it can solve complex problems with an efficient way in multiple industries, such as Healthcare, entertainment, finance, education, etc. AI is making our daily life more comfortable and fast.

Following are some sectors which have the application of Artificial Intelligence:

• Education

By offering personalization at scale, AI can improve education at all levels. Though machine learning will not take the place of human teachers, MOOCs (massive open online courses) will enable students to learn at their speed using methods that suit them. Artificial intelligence innovations such as NLP, deep learning, and crowdsourcing are boosting online learning. AI can see more uses in our classrooms if these tools can be meaningfully combined with face-to-face instruction.

• E-Commerce Industry

E-commerce has all the right to enjoy some considerable benefits of AI. For instance, you could not only use a recommendation system for entertainment, like Netflix or YouTube mentioned above, but you can use a product recommendations engine for your e-commerce website. This tool that uses machine learning algorithms can provide customers with a set of suggested products, which is based on their past purchasing activities and performances. You must have encountered this application of artificial intelligence for business dozens of times.

• Transportation

AI has also crept into the transportation and automobile industry. The manufacturing of electric, auto-driving cars is widespread these days in multinational car manufacturing companies. They give fantastic user driving and trending experience with built-in AI technologies. To provide you with an idea, Tesla’s basic autopilot has embraced adaptive lane catering and cruise control, one of their outstanding innovations.

• Manufacturing

The capacity of the manufacturing systems in industries now supports machine learning and AI. As a result, these companies employ AI-powered equipment in addition to humans for doing several on-site tasks. This, in turn, simplifies human labor to a great extent.

• Healthcare

AI also helps study the various cases, analyze cross-reference symptoms, it facilitates faster diagnoses of diseases, speedy treatment, and minimizing the time a patient spends in the health system. Nowadays, health care provider using AI algorithms to detect tumors in radiology scans more perfectly and accurately.

• Automotive Industry

Various Industries are currently working for developing self-driven cars which can make your journey more safe and secure. Some Automotive industries are using AI to provide virtual assistant to their user for better performance. Such as Tesla has introduced TeslaBot, an intelligent virtual assistant.

• Banking & Finance

The adoption of AI in banking is constant to rework companies within the industry, provide greater levels useful and more personalized experiences to their customers, reduce risks as well as increase opportunities involving financial engines of our modern economy. Features like AI bots, digital payment advisers and biometric fraud detection mechanisms cause higher quality of services to a wider customer base.

• Social Media

Ever since social media has become our identity, we’ve been generating an immeasurable amount of data through chats, tweets, posts and so on. And wherever there is an abundance of data, AI and Machine Learning are always present.

In social media platforms like Facebook, AI is used for face verification wherein machine learning and deep learning concepts are used to detect facial features and tag your friends. On the other hand, Machine learning algorithms are used to design your feed based on your interests.


Now that you know how Artificial Intelligence is evolving the world, we hope you got how the system works differently for multiple sectors. Starting from automatic driving cars to suggesting corrections to grammatical errors, AI is involved. Thus, it is possible to infer that indeed AI is intertwining with our lives in every respect.

We are at the start of an AI revolution that is all set to change the way we live our lives. The next decade is set to be most exciting in terms of technology and we can only wait and see what it has to offer.