Magento is recognized as a top online eCommerce open source CRM. The flexibility, scalability, growth, design, and features it offers customers make it a top CRM resource to opt for.
Almost 250,000 eCommerce platforms are using Magento CRM. Still, plenty of eCommerce stores have started to migrate from other platforms to Magento.

Although Magento is an exceptional content management system for eCommerce solutions, you need to make efforts to improve the overall sales of your online store. You will get a plethora of built-in features and functions to help you create a highly-interactive Magento web store with ease. But for better results, you need to trail some of the best practices for higher conversions and increased sales.

So, as an eCommerce platform owner, here are some tips which can help you skyrocket your sales.

1. Optimize loading speed of your site

Your site’s speed is a crucial factor that determines the accessibility, usability, and visibility of your online store. In fact, Google prefers websites that load within 2-3 seconds instead of those that take longer to load a single product page.

A slow loading website, especially an online store, can leave a negative impact on your search engine ranking due to the poor shopping experience. This also encourages web visitors to abandon your site without even making a purchase on your web store.

2. Cut Down Steps To Purchase

A lot of Magento stores have been facing the problem that the purchase process contains complicated steps and causes customers to feel confusing and take much time to complete buying. Thus, store owners can optimize your process by giving your customers a quicker order process that allows customers to add multiple items to cart at one time without visiting product page one by one.

3. Use appealing visual content

Attraction is the key priority to sell a product. By all means, you have to tempt your clients.
But, to do so, you have to embrace visual content. High-quality images on a 360-degree view will help the customer visually check the features and benefits.
With a help of a professional team, you can create a demo video that appeals to the customer’s emotions.

4.New products and discount deals

Another interesting way to engage customers is to display new products on the homepage. You can do it through banners that suggest there are new products in the line-up. Add discount offers on the banners so that customers can reach the product pages through the home page.

This is the best way to notify your customers about the latest products and increase sales of a Magento store. This technique is used by the biggest online stores like Amazon.

5. Provide Multiple Payment Options

As a web store owner, you should always give your customers a safe, secure, and user-friendly shopping experience. You can do this by offering multiple online payment options for generating better results.
Instead of offering one payment option, you can provide Paypal, and credit card along with many other options to make it convenient for your web customers. Every country has their specific checkout and payment options, so if you want to sell globally, you need to offer multiple payment options by making the use of the best Magento extension.

6. Make Your Magento Store Mobile-Friendly

If you don’t want to miss any leads, make sure you create a responsive Magento eCommerce store so that it can run smoothly on multiple devices and screen sizes.
There are multiple benefits of creating a mobile-friendly web store. Mobile eCommerce not only improves SERP ranking but also allows you to drive more mobile customers towards your store.

7. Play smart with shipping cost

The biggest concern for most online buyers is the shipping cost.
People love buying branded products, but they would think twice about purchasing online when paying additional shipping costs. It is also one of the reasons why most people abandon their carts.
To increase your Magento store sale, you can offer free shipping by adjusting your profit or product pricing.

8. Focus on customer support

The concern of product quality and exchange keeps new online shoppers thinking about purchasing. As they’re making their purchase online for the first time, you have to guide them and assure them that they will have a warranty and even replacements.

To sort out all their queries at ease, they would be seeking customer support’s help in such a case. A live chat or toll-free number would help them clear all their doubts and make them trust you.

Wrapping it up

If you are setting up your stores, you properly need to note down those tactics that will help you generate sales profoundly.
The core success is understanding your target customers and convince them with your brand value and benefits. In order to convince customers to buy, marketing tips are absolutely important to an online store, along with the sales-boosting methods.