Shopify is a platform that builds and hosts online stores. It’s a dream come true for people who want to start their online business without being tech-savvy.
You don’t need to learn how to code or hire a web developer who costs a fortune thereby making it easier for people to establish, design, and run their eCommerce store. With a small investment and a few clicks, you can launch your very own eCommerce store.

But there’s a catch…
Even though Shopify is a fantastic platform to establish and run a business, many businesses fail to boost their sales.
They fail because many of their Shopify design mistakes affect their conversions.
If you too are facing difficulty in achieving your conversion goals, perhaps it’s time to look into your website’s design.

In today’s post, Realxposure has provided a list of the six most common Shopify design mistakes that could kill your sales.

1. Responsive Design

This is the most common Shopify design mistake that store owners make. They select the theme and customize it for desktop users and forget about mobile users.

Therefore, when designing your Shopify store, remember to make mobile devices user-friendly or responsive. If you do not make your store responsive, you will lose a significant section of your overall potential site’s customers including all your mobile targeted audience.

2. Poor Image Quality

If you are selling products that depend majorly on appearance, you should understand that the images you use matters.

What even is an online store without high-resolution images? A customer cannot touch, feel, hold, or try on the product in an eCommerce store, unlike a physical store. Thus, the images on your website must be powerful to provide a clear picture of the product to customers.

3. Page Loading Time

A slow website is not good to sell because people are not patient enough. Slow-loading websites are a mood killer for indulging in retail therapy. Do not expect online buyers to be patient while your website takes forever to load. They will exit it without thinking twice; it will increase your bounce rate and damage the SEO.

4. Misguided Product Descriptions

An interesting product description can convince your customer to click the buy now button. Yet, many store owners overlook the importance of good product descriptions. A good product description should highlight on important details such as its weight, size, texture, and benefits.

5. Not Having Appropriate Filters

Adding filters to product pages is of great help to visitors. Especially if you have a wide variety of products. Filters can help customers find their desired products in a few seconds rather than scrolling their screen for several minutes to search the products. If your product page is long, the customer will get frustrated from scrolling endlessly.

Create filters on your product page to help prospects view products they like. For example, filtering products according to price, size, fabric, colors, etc.

6. Overcrowding Your Online Store with Plugins/Apps

Many store owners make the rookie mistake of installing every app that they come across. They believe that more apps will make their website/store more functional and better than others. Whereas, installing many plugins/apps can create the following problems on your Shopify store:

•Make your homepage crowded;
•Disturb your visitors with annoying pop-ups;
•Affect your site’s speed


Those are the biggest eCommerce design mistakes that you should stay away from. You have to take care of those and try hard for avoid those mistakes as much as possible to build a robust and strong site.

We at Realxposure hope that by learning from these mistakes, you’ll gain a valuable insight into how you can improve the performance of your Shopify store, and ultimately boost your sales.