AMDG Sports Health & Fitness Community Portal

A community forum was required for users to publish their views and attract comments.

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The client is a fitness institute, and the requirement was to build an information portal with features to publish articles relating to health, lifestyles and well-being.

A Community Forum was Required for users to Publish

“their views and attract comments. Also needed was a question answer forum with an expert panel answering user’s queries.”

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InternetSoft’s Solutions for AMDG Sports

Realxposure built the portal based on a standard Content Management System, customizing to allow the customer complete control on the content (adding content/pages and modifying existing).

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Blogs were customized and integrated to meet the requirements of the community and expert forums.

The customer was given a complete cloud hosted solution.

Several features that they needed for easy administration were built.

For example, the image sliders could just pick-up images from
a storage location which required implementation of a file
browser for the cloud.

Different image sequences could be scheduled to display at different times

most read and latest articles could be highlighted

some level of social network integration was
implemented, along with several other such features.


Completely cloud hosted portal, with customized admin options for running the portal on the cloud.Project done in small releasable chunks following agile methodology, as customer built the requirements on the go.

We know we can always rely on Realxposure various competencies.