Aenkann is a FREE Restaurant Analytics, Marketing, and Menu item Management App

for restaurants using Clover POS.

Our Products

To make a restaurant be distinctive and be notable in this competitive segment of the hospitality industry, it requires an overcoming of different hurdles, hustles and demands a huge heart.

We here at Aenkann understand this and shall assist you in achieving your vision.

Ease your hungry guests with Aenkann’s interactive digital menu. Your diners can form a digitalized queue and browse your menu (using their phone or restaurant’s tablet) and add (if using the restaurant’s tablet) their favorite dishes to the cart.

InternetSoft’s ChallengeS for Aenkann

Replace the existing online portal with better technology and advance features

This will also make the guests feel more comfortable while they wait for their tables.

Your guests are empowered with flexibility to continue with the cart option from where they left during the same visit without difficulty.

Aenkann’s guest management features help in managing the waitlist

including assigning of tables and waiters for each guest group. This eases the work for your restaurant’s staff.

Waiters have full control of the items being sent to the kitchen as their approval

is required before placing orders. Your restaurant management team can plan and review performances using our revenue trends, forecasts and reports. You can market and promote your restaurant using the Email and SMS marketing features that are available at your fingertips.

Mobile Device Performance

This one is very important point we strongly recommend to check very closely. We closely reviewed device performance data from both paid and organic traffic and found that the mobile device was not performing well.

In-Detail And Accurate Analytics

Find out what’s making your revenue, Get unrestricted access to all your data

  • Analytics includes daily/weekly/monthly trends, comparison of current sales with previous day/week/month, top performing inventory items, 7-day forecast, reports.


Easy to use email marketing solutions, Message promotions from your phone any time

  • Marketing includes Email and SMS. They can be used to create email promotions from existing saved templates, or from a new template. You can attach pdf or image files to Email templates and preview them. Email and SMS promotions can be sent to everyone in the email list, or to specific people, or to a random number of people.

Interactive Menu

Detailed food presentation along with ingredients, calories, and allergy facts

  • Menu item management helps you manage your inventory item details, such as, images, videos, description, calories, allergies, and availability. You can also create or remove special items easily.