Mobile App Development

Real Xposure Inc develops applications for your hand held mobile devices. These applications can be easily downloaded by your customers, clients and target audience to their mobile devices from app stores, your website, mobile website and other mobile platforms.

Real Xposure Inc designs and builds mobile application development platforms for Windows, J2ME, iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Real Xposure Inc develops mobile applications for the following industries:

  • Academic
  • Music and Video
  • Photos
  • Entertainment
  • Financial Institutions: alerts, transfers, updates
  • News and Alerts
  • Business/Retail
  • Promotions: Sweepstakes, Coupons, Discounts
  • Medical and Fitness
  • Social Networks and Blogs

These mobile applications are reliable, simple and easy to use, user friendly and easy to download and secure. You can stay connected and organized, keep users interest up and engaged!