Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is generally similar to direct mail marketing

E-mail marketing is generally similar to direct mail marketing but communication is done through electronic mail or the internet. “The reason that most online enterprises utilize email marketing is because of its immediacy, its versatility and its cost savings. According to Pew Internet, over 91% of internet users use the web to read or send email & over 50% check their emails everyday. These features and usage practice makes email marketing very attractive to traditional advertisers and start ups alike.” Call us now to get a free consultation to determine if email marketing is right for you.

Why you should hire a professional E-mail Marketer?

Getting the emails into the inbox of your customer without getting blocked by the ISPs and other spam blockers, takes skill and know how. There are laws, e-mail protocols, and new technology to tackle. Successful email promotions rely in great part on the quality and integrity of your list and delivery.

But campaigns which produce positive results also rely on the power of the email creative — text(copy), links, images, and landing pages. But beyond that, a successful email campaign requires proper tracking and expert analysis of the results to make improvement and increase conversion

Why Real Xposure?

E-mail marketing is an art as well as a science. As you have read there are many aspects that are involved in developing and creating e-mail campaigns. Effective email marketing isn’t just about the send—it’s about the results of the send. Real Xposure has the knowledge, skill, technology, and time needed to create and manage your e-mail campaigns.

We work hard to:

  • Increase deliverability
  • Build E-mail List
  • Develop trustworthy Relationships Online
  • Enhance tracking and reporting
  • Use the latest technology
  • Increase conversion

How it works?

Real Xposure will work with you to build campaigns for your products/services. Through research, client behavior and competitive analysis we will create unique campaigns just for your company.

Our Methods include:

  • Custom newsletters and e-mails sent through secure servers
  • Create and send colorful, HTML and/or text newsletters and e-mails
  • Build and manage your email list
  • Send you detailed tracking and reporting Information for each campaign
  • Create landing pages for links which generate the best conversion.

Whether you are targeting businesses or consumers, newsletter and e-mail campaigns are proven ways to stay in touch with existing clients and to recruit new clients. Real Xposure will work with you to create effective e-mail marketing campaigns that will generate results.

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Best Results From Email Campaigns.

  • E-mail Marketing Best Practices
  • Do not send unsolicited emails
  • Dedicate landing pages to promote your e-mail campaigns
  • Building trust with your subscribers begins before someone signs up
  • Revealing how you intend to use that information once it is in your control
  • Customize individual mailings based on the needs of the recipients
  • Track your emails and website so that you will understand how people use your site and when an email communication will be most effective.
  • Business emails Tuesday through Thursday.
  • Business to consumer emails either between Tuesday through Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.”
  • Be creative and clear with your subject line
  • Always provide an unsubscribe link
  • Specify a working reply to email