Corporate Identity

Creating a Corporate Identity helps companies create stronger brands by offering real substance.Today’s market is very competitive and a good corporate image is important to set values and to gain more clients. The organizational identity is the group of features, values, beliefs, ideas, methods and techniques with which the company or organization identifies and differentiates itself from its competitors.

Your companys’ corporate identity can be formed by using several strategies including printed collateral like:

  • Logos
  • Letterheads
  • Business cards
  • Folders
  • Inserts
  • Envelopes

How can Real Xposure help grow my business?

We are willing to guide you and help you with every fundamental procedure to develop an efficient corporate identity. To have an efficient corporate identity it is necessary to know the target audience, to foresee their feedback, and to establish a connection with the recipient, in which the object, language and content must be clear and correct. Through market research and your vision we will be able to create your corporate identity with marketing materials that:

  • Give your clients a sense of stability
  • Convey the message that you are established
  • Look polished and professional
  • Give the impression of being a serious business
  • Build branding and name recognition


Frequently Asked Corporate Identity Questions

I’m just starting out can I create my own marketing materials?

“The initial lack of customers and cash flow often causes new small business owners to put off creating logo and other marketing materials professionally “until they get a few clients” or “until they get started.” Unfortunately, designing their own marketing materials when they launch their businesses instead of having them professionally created will make getting those initial clients more difficult and may result in a business that will not succeed. People expect a “real” company to have printed sales literature”.

I’ve been in business for a while and made my own logo and brochures and it works. Why should I pay to have my corporate identity and marketing materials created?

“Many business owners choose to create their own marketing materials. Although it worked for the company at the beginning eventually they needed to stand out and communicate better with customers in order to grow and set themselves apart from the competitor. Customers know anyone can print their own business cards, brochures, and letterhead and call themselves a company. But if you want people to know you mean business, you need marketing materials which look professional and integrate your corporate identity.”



Logos can be a powerful marketing tool. If done properly, it will set you apart from the competition and relay a very memorable message. From a marketing stand point the concern is with the company’s image, products, and the organization as a whole. The logo represents the organization and these key attributes.
Your logo should be created by a professional who has insight on how to relay your message visually. Through questionnaires and your vision we are able to create a logo that will convey your message, image, and values.


Business Cards

If you are starting up a new company, changing your look, or simply have new employees Real Xposure can assist you. Business cards are vital to your business because it your calling card. Real Xposure will create your business cards or re-design your cards and print them quality stock paper with a quick turn around time.



Brochures are not just a strong marketing tool, they open the door to communicating with new customers and help build name, recognition and awareness. Real Xposure will work with you to create memorable marketing materials.