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  • September 13, 2012
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As competition in your business environment intensifies, you are faced with the decision of how to spend your marketing dollars.

Unlike most marketing consulting firms, which focus on individual components of the marketing mix, Real Xposure is your full service provider. This means that our solutions will not be limited to any single tool which may either be inappropriate or insufficient, we will ensure that you have the best combination of strategies to help you accomplish your goals.

As a full service provider of marketing services, we are able to create an integrated strategy around your products and services so that your company will get maximum visibility, exposure and sales.

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Our services include:

Website Design and Development

Real Xposure Inc will create your website as a selling tool regardless of the industry in which you operate, except pornographic sites.  We specialize in making websites that communicate your products and service benefits and motivate your visitors to act.  Some of the website models that we create are listed below.  Click  here to visit our website design page.

  • Custom designed websites with your pictures and products
  • E-commerce website
  • Flash enabled website
  • Multi-media website
  • Informational website
  • Lead generation websites
  • MLM Websites
  • Social Networking
  • Special purpose website


  • Ad creation and execution
  • Graphics design
  • Media placement
  • Internet Marketing
  • Search engine marketing including search engine optimization and submission
  • Paid and organic or natural search management
  • Campaign management
  • Banner advertising
  • E-mail marketing

E-Commerce Solutions

  • Domain Registrations
  • Website and E-mail Hosting
  • Shopping Carts
  • Online Merchant Accounts
  • And More….

Other Marketing Consulting Services

  • Marketing plan development
  • Plan implementation, monitoring and control

Campaign Management Services

  • Goal Setting
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Campaign Success Measurement
  • ROI Measurement

Review our complete services suite to help you grow your business.

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