Online Advertising Set to grow…Fast

  • September 13, 2012
  • Social Media

In general, Global ad spending is set to decline by between 5% and 8% based on forecast from several sources.

According to Carat Insight, owned by Aegis, worldwide ad spending decline for 2009 at 5.8%. while ZenithOptimedia now sees ad spending dropping 11% for magazines, 10% for radio, 5.5% for television, and on and on through the worldwide media spectrum.

At the same time internet advertising is set to rise by more than 8% signalling a shift from traditional offline media to the internet.  Online advertising is now set to account for more than 12% of total global ad spend in 2009.

For us online marketers this is good news.  It means that there will be more competion so we will have to become more creative, however, clients will have to make changes their old websites, introduce new products. implement better, more coordinated strategies and they will now have the budget to make the right, effective changes.

Now is the time to capitalize on this opportunity to reach your target audience since your competitors are reducing their budgets.  There are many options.  Check out the internet marketing services offered by Real Xposure to find out what you can do.  Below is a short list of internet marketing strategies you can implement.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – This is a long-term startegy whicg you can implement and use to get free traffic to your website when someone does a search on the internet.

Pay Per Click (PPC) – You can use Pay Per Click (PPC) generate traffic to your website overnigh tand see your business skyrocket with traffic.  This is a strategy you can use to grow fast but always remember to include a long-term strategy so that you will have a balanced marketing plan.

Social Media Marketing – Social Media Marketing is the new wave ripping the internet.  You can connect with millions of people instantly, share information, make friends, and sell your products and services.  Social Media Marketing is carried out in websites like MySpace, faceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other similar sites.  These sites can be used to implement a viral marketing strategy which will make information about your product, services or business, spread like wild fire.  With social media, you can rapidly increase traffic to your site, generate massive exposure for your business and increase your network over-night.

Many companies are also implementing link exchanges as part of an SEO strategy, but this also helps to generate traffic to the website and hopefully result in sales.  The goal is to find high quality links from websites with high traffic.  These links may be more valuable than having many links on obscured websites with little or no traffic.  This leads me to my final point for now.

Public Relations (PR) – Having a PR strategy will do wonders for your website and business.  You need to implement a PR strategy to build your brand image and even generate sales and loyalty.

The options you select depends on your objectives. If you need to get sales fast you may implement a Pay Per Click marketing campaign, followed by SEO and other strategies.  your budget will also vary depending on your goals.

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